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If I die of the Coronavirus but my actions help perpetuate liberty for my children,
I have won in the long run, and my losses will end at my death.
However, if my cowardice costs the liberty of others my loss will last for an eternity.

July 2020 Colorado Springs City Council Power Overreach

Dr Kelly Victory
The truth about COVID-19 Corona Virus

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Epidemic Mask Theater

"It would be easy, given our modern conceit in appraising the inhabitants of the past as ignorant bumpkins,
to mock these practices as peculiar and ridiculous, knowing as we do how useless they were.
But the plague doctors could be forgiven for all this ritualistic pageantry,
and the false sense of security it provided, if only because they lived long before modern germ theory was even a thought."

"The symbolic and useless mask-pageantry in which we Americans are now engaging, on the other hand, is less forgivable."

2020 July 20
Colorado State Mask Mandate

"One should not attack and insult those who have chosen not to wear a mask, as these studies suggest that is the wise choice to make."
Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy

"Caregivers in a high-intensity environment should have all the fitted N95s they need.
Beyond that, it's time to recognize that the only person who should be wearing a mask is the Lone Ranger."
What good do the masks do, really?