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Daylight Savings Time solution

There is a solution to the daylight savings time (DST) problem that should satisfy all reasonable concerns. One final, but different type of change in the spring of 2021 could be the end of this twice a year habit. Instead of changing the clocks to make "high noon" at "high One", key businesses would shift their working hours by one hour on that Monday morning permanently . Presenting a radical idea will immediately turn off many people to the concept, but like the Fosbury Flop, radical ideas are often the best all-around solution.

The problem

Reasons for daylight savings time

New idea, all problems addressed

With this plan, the only law changes required would be those needed to terminate the semiannual shift. But what about the "hours of operation" sign changes that need to be made? This sounds like a pretty minor investment, with a payback possibly as short as six months. The other important ingredient for success is cooperation from key businesses. No one would be forced to change their hours. We would just need enough for "critical mass" to change. Now who could lead these key businesses into this change?....